Please excuse the appearance of the blog

I have been working on the blog. However, I have 5 children and my blog time is limited. Also,WordPress is not working for me today. So, please excuse the mess and/or grammatical errors. When you’re accustomed to the simplicity of blogger, wp is kind of tricky.

Have a blessed October 31st!




Lately I have revisited the idea of celebrating Halloween. On one hand, I was brought up dressing up and trick or treating and it was all harmless fun. My parents were both members of the church and my grandfather was a preacher. Believe me when I say that my parents were Christ following, Bible believing parents. They found Halloween a fun time to visit the neighborhood and have fun. My husband’s parents? Much the same.

Fast forward to our parenting years, our oldest, Claire, is 8 and we have done Halloween every year since she was a pumpkin at her first one. Lily, Drew and Evan have also enjoyed dressing up and going out for candy. They are excited to dress Sophie up this year!

We really enjoy this time as a family. We also homeschool and this gives us a chance to show our light to a dark world. We never dress in anything spooky or inappropriate and we often are questioned about our faith and religion since we are a large?! Family of 7. This gives us a chance to share Jesus and our church .

We have, for a couple of years now, prayed about this. We would hate to grieve God by not following His will. So far, this works for us. Truly, we believe that you can’t convert souls by sitting at home expecting them to realize their need for the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

These are my thoughts and the convictions I am working through. Please realize I have 5 children and I run on very little sleep. I may not always make perfect sense. Extend a little grace, please! 🙂