Monday Meanderings…

I haven’t done these in awhile but I’m trying to be more ‘intentional’ in everything I do so I thought this would be a good place to start.

This is not following any set plan or order, just in the order that I come up with them. 🙂

Menu plan:

Eggs & bacon
Asparagus cheese toast
Eggs, fruit




Chicken salad
Tuna salad


*Beans & rice (2x)
*BBQ pork, coleslaw
*Roasted turkey breast, sweet potatoes, onions, cabbage
*orange chicken, homemade egg rolls, chow mien noodles w/sauce

Husband encouragement :

Supper ready when he gets home at night.

Lunches made for the week.

Get up with him and eat breakfast with him.

Go to bed at night, together, and pray together.

Children: training them up:

*Use a soft voice at all times.
*Do not spank unless it is thought out and prayed through.
*Reward /consequence charts back up and enforced.
*Back to school routine after thanksgiving break. Bible time every morning and prayer at night.
*Evan- manners, temper tantrums, quiet time w/mom, helping with dishwasher,
*Drew- disobedience, not listening, special day with Mom, job chart
*Lily- listening, obedience, quiet time w/Mom , job chart
*Claire- get more sleep, quiet time w/Mom , job chart
*Sophie- table manners, wash hands, saying prayers, place napkins on table at mealtime.

Things to do:
Budget for December
Mortgage payment
Electric bill
Wash and vacuum van
Grocery shopping
Order Christmas gifts online
Make another Home Management Binder…
Make a pinterest board for weekly meals..

Implement a home blessing hour every day and deep cleaning every Friday…15 minutes decluttering session daily.

Get back to flylady

Make sure church schedule is straight and I have everything ready before hand.


Classical Conversations
Phonics w/Claire & Lily
100 easy lessons w/Lily
Hands to heaven w/Drew & Evan
A reason for handwriting (all kids)
Saxon math

Books to read: (Charlie & I)

*A muscle and a shovel ( both of us)

*The power of a praying wife ( me, again)

*Dave Ramsey’s, Financial Peace University, again.

*Not a fan…both

*more to come…I’m going to order from Amazon this weekend…

*Trying desperately to stay on track…

I’ll print this out and try to mark things out as I go.

Have a blessed week!!!



Ancient Boundaries: SPIRITUAL LIBERTY

Our preacher’s thoughts on liberty..Exactly right!!

Morality Check


The wise Proverb writer through the inspiration of the Lord stated “Do not move the ancient boundary which your fathers have set” (22:28).  He states it again in 23:10, “Do not move the ancient boundary…” During ancient times, land boundaries were often separated by nothing more than a stone or some other item that could be seen and determined as a dictator as to when one individual’s land stopped and another’s began.  Personal land as well as whole countries would be separated by just a memorial that might be elaborate or rather simple. You start thinking of the implications of this rather simple way of keeping track of your land and some might cringe.  What would stop someone from simply picking up the stone and moving it a foot or two?  The unethical individual might easily add a good deal of land to his parcel without drawing notice to himself…

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I only have a minute so this is short but sweet….

Thankful today for 5 sweet children that I never believed I would have. Thankful for their laughter and their smiles, for the crying and the dirty diapers tand upset tummies and earaches that only Mommy and medicine and Jesus can make right. Thankful for love….

Thankful for my hubby and his strong work ethic and drive to take care of his family no matter the cost to him…
Thankful for strong arms to hold me at night and when I cry, missing my Daddy…

Thankful for 34 years with a Daddy that followed our heavenly father with everything he had and expected his children to follow, too…

Thankful for the most amazing mother, ever, and the bonds that have been tested and strengthened by circumstances and time….yet, love absolutely remains….

Thankful for precious in laws, those who love me as their own…thankful for Grace in these relationships…

Thankful for sisters…my friends…that unbreakable tie that often frustrates but always always loves…sisterhood…

Thankful for Jesus, for snatching me up out of a dark and despairing pit and washing me clean with the watery grave of baptism and the Holy Spirit…

Love….thankfulness….joy…peace…all gifts from our beloved Lord Jesus…

Much love,


Our Congregation Follows The Biblical Pattern For Marriage

Yes, Amen.

Preacherpollard's Blog

Neal Pollard

In the spirit of our ancient, spiritual forebears, Peter and John, even in the face of social pressure, political correctness, and even governmental legislation, letting all laws and mandates be condemned which violate or transgress His Law, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Ac. 5:29).  For that reason, however cultures and civilizations change or regress, we will continue to believe and teach what the Bible says about marriage.  Believing that God’s people must stand with Him, however hard, we believe:

  • “He who created them from the beginning made them male and female” (Mat. 19:4).
  • “A man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife” (Mat. 19:5).
  • “Because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband” (1 Co. 7:2).
  • “Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body…

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Love this. I needed the challenge. 🙂

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Neal Pollard

One of the hamstrings of most every church is a lack of dependable Christians. When Christians do show themselves undependable, they contribute so much to a church—much frustration, disappointment, and friction. We should all be dependable. You probably know little about Shelemiah, Zadok, Pedaiah and Hanon.  Little is said about them. But listen to what is said.  They were placed in charge of the storehouses because “they were considered reliable” (Neh. 13:13).

What a glowing epitaph. One the other hand, David wrote of some wicked individuals, of whom he said, “There is nothing reliable in what they say” (Psa. 5:9). Too many otherwise good people are leaving such a reputation for themselves. In frustration, sometimes elders may join Solomon in asking, “Who can find a trustworthy man?” (Prov. 20:6). But, good news!  We can all be dependable.  Why?

First, we are ABLE. God blesses us with talents, time…

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That ugly word. I struggle with it daily. It is my constant companion, the thorn in my side. I am never good enough in my own mind and I fear constantly fear, being found lacking by others. Especially my husband and children but really everyone. I just always feel as if I am never enough.

It makes my brain tired and my heart hurt. I see it in my children and it brings me to my knees in prayer.

I see problems where there aren’t any and if I’m not careful, my insecurities cause irreparable damage. Actually, to take everything personally is a form of selfishness. The world does not revolve around me. Shocking, I know. 😉

Just some reflections. I will be following up soon.

Happy November!