I only have a minute so this is short but sweet….

Thankful today for 5 sweet children that I never believed I would have. Thankful for their laughter and their smiles, for the crying and the dirty diapers tand upset tummies and earaches that only Mommy and medicine and Jesus can make right. Thankful for love….

Thankful for my hubby and his strong work ethic and drive to take care of his family no matter the cost to him…
Thankful for strong arms to hold me at night and when I cry, missing my Daddy…

Thankful for 34 years with a Daddy that followed our heavenly father with everything he had and expected his children to follow, too…

Thankful for the most amazing mother, ever, and the bonds that have been tested and strengthened by circumstances and time….yet, love absolutely remains….

Thankful for precious in laws, those who love me as their own…thankful for Grace in these relationships…

Thankful for sisters…my friends…that unbreakable tie that often frustrates but always always loves…sisterhood…

Thankful for Jesus, for snatching me up out of a dark and despairing pit and washing me clean with the watery grave of baptism and the Holy Spirit…

Love….thankfulness….joy…peace…all gifts from our beloved Lord Jesus…

Much love,



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