menu plan monday

Breskfasts: chocolate pancakes, smoothies, apple cinnamon oatmeal, french toast andbacon, scrambled eggs with onions, peppers& cheese, muffins

Lunches: turkey and pepper jack wraps,pbj, w/oranges, sandwiches, leftovers x3, tuna salad

Suppers: lasagna soup & artisan bread, tacos & beans, baked potato soup, stuffed shells and salad, venison roast and baked sweet potatoes

Hopefully, I can do these every week to keep me accountable and help us save money! Maybe it will help someone out. If anyone would like recipes, I will try to post some this week.

Merry Christmas! Julie


One thought on “menu plan monday

  1. One of our cheapest meals we love is ham and white sauce over rice. Cook white rice like normal. Just dice up some ham steak (or buy it diced). The white sauce is done in microwave: Melt 3 tbl butter in dish, stir in 3 tbl flour with whisk,. gradually add in 1.5 cup WARM milk. Cook 1 min on high power, stir and repeat until white sauce is thick. Then stir in ham and heat until everything is warm. Serve over rice. Salt and pepper to taste. This feeds our 5 but you could easily double for your crew.

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