Refrigerator sweet muffins


I have been making these for years for my Daddy, Mama, my Husband and our 5 (soon to be 6) children.  Everyone loves them and they’re super easy!!!!

I have an old church cookbook that I normally use but while packing, I seem to have misplaced it. So…I found the exact recipe online.

You can mix these up, plain, I used frozen blueberries this morning, place the dough in the fridge with a tight fitting lid and scoop out what you need throughout the week. You can just eat the basic muffin mix or add in the flavors you like as you go throughout the week. If that makes sense?

I just mix the flavor I want and make them all in one day. We eat them for breakfast and snacks.  Today, we added blueberries and lemon. Yummy!!!

Have a great Monday!



I’m tired…

Let me preface this by saying that I’m emotional. .I’m a wreck. This pregnancy and the crazy merry go round that my life has been on for the past two years has pushed me to the brink of crazy. I’m not on here to gripe or whine. I just need to be real. Maybe someone can relate.

I have, in the past year, changed churches(from the church I had been in my entire life) to another cofc a few miles down the road. Minor in location but a huge change all the same. Huge.

I became pregnant with baby #6 and I’m not upset about the baby but we definitely were done so it’s been another huge adjustment. 

My husband changed jobs and he’s very happy with his new job. We also moved closer for work so moving to another house in another town was a big change, too. I’ve lived in the same place (as have our children) my entire life. Definitely an adjustment.

Along with the changes came hurt feelings and stress. Lots of stress. We’ve made some sweet friendships but also some that I struggle with. I’m a loner. I always have been. I have so much insecurity from a horrible childhood experience and I’m very good at hiding. I still struggle with seeing it as a flaw of mine when someone doesn’t like me. I really struggle.  I hate it. It makes me very sad. I’m not good at building relationships.  It’s a miracle that I’ve been married 16 years.

So…that’s what’s been eating me lately.  I’m so upset the past week or so that I don’t sleep much at all. I’m also struggling with homeschooling my children and being a loving wife/mother. We’ve had some family problems and a death this weekend so the roof has caved in on me, it seems.  I just need lots of prayer, some quiet  time with God and His word and some sleep.

I am so very thankful for all of those that do love me. Truly. ♥


My Daddy..My Hero


I miss this man SO MUCH. I love him with everything I have. I wish that he could be here and in the next moment, I’m grateful that he’s not. He was in so much pain, both physically and mentally.  He’s finally at rest. That gives me peace.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him. God knows I do. Every day, while not as brutal, is still painful.  I miss talking to him most of all. Even though my Mom’s not dead, we’ve had tough times and I really really miss her, too. Life’s just difficult right now and very sad for me.

My husband and kids are my lifeline. They keep me focused on the positive.  They push me towards Christ. Just like my Dad did. And, for that, I am so very thankful. 

My Daddy has always been my hero. He’s always taken care of me. He’s always loved me and picked me up when I was down.  I miss his hugs…his laugh…his big hands squeezing mine..his “I love you, baby” that he said to me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. without fail.

I miss him asking me to read the Bible to him because he loved to hear me read. I miss his tickles and his “sugars”. I miss his prayers he said and how he would pray for all of us when he prayed. I miss telling him my troubles and sitting on his lap.  I miss watching westerns and the grand old opry with him. I miss watching basketball with him and hearing all about Larry Bird.

I miss him. A lot. Most days, I do okay. Some days are so hard. Today is one of those days. 

Thankful for the hope we have in Christ Jesus.


Pregnancy update:

#6 is definitely making his/herself known! I am 17 weeks and we will find out what we are having very soon, hopefully!

With 3 girls and 2 boys, everyone has a buddy all of the time so boy or girl will only add to the fun!

We’ve moved into town and it’s so fun! It’s an adjustment and I miss the country and the land I was raised on but it’s a new adventure and it’s going very well. A lot of things are easier and I really need that right now!

Right now, I’m on a date with hubby and Sophie May.  The big 4 are eating pizza with Granny and Pops. Charlie, Sophie and I are vehicle shopping and eating good ol’ Southern catfish.

Church is going so well. We feel so loved and I’m really grateful for that. I have such wonderful friends and family. 
I really miss my family as I don’t see them much but hopefully that will get better when life settles down. Charlie has been working so much.

We are so happy to be together during the day and not apart. God is so good.

We have a midwife appointment Tuesday and I’m so excited to birth in a birthing center this time and not a hospital!!!

More details soon….

Much Love,