Pregnancy update:

#6 is definitely making his/herself known! I am 17 weeks and we will find out what we are having very soon, hopefully!

With 3 girls and 2 boys, everyone has a buddy all of the time so boy or girl will only add to the fun!

We’ve moved into town and it’s so fun! It’s an adjustment and I miss the country and the land I was raised on but it’s a new adventure and it’s going very well. A lot of things are easier and I really need that right now!

Right now, I’m on a date with hubby and Sophie May.  The big 4 are eating pizza with Granny and Pops. Charlie, Sophie and I are vehicle shopping and eating good ol’ Southern catfish.

Church is going so well. We feel so loved and I’m really grateful for that. I have such wonderful friends and family. 
I really miss my family as I don’t see them much but hopefully that will get better when life settles down. Charlie has been working so much.

We are so happy to be together during the day and not apart. God is so good.

We have a midwife appointment Tuesday and I’m so excited to birth in a birthing center this time and not a hospital!!!

More details soon….

Much Love,



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