Sin Lies at the Door!

Amen!! Great thoughts here..


Who at the Door is Standing?

Sin at the door When Sin Lies at the Door turn to God.

If you were driving home alone and you knew someone was waiting outside your front door and he or she was hoping to get you, would you be afraid? Would you turn around and drive to a friend’s house to avoid the danger? The obvious answer is yes!Of course we would all go to great lengths to ensure we were safe! We would go to a friend’s house, grandparent’s house, probably even an acquaintance’s house to avoid this inevitable danger.However, every day we as teens and young adults drive straight into situations where sin is lying at the door and its only desire is for us. I see this as the biggest problem for young adults and their parents in the church: misjudging situations before it is too late to turn back.

In Genesis 4…

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