Menu planning for next week:

Menu Planning…


Breakfast: pumpkin bread, milk
Lunch: tuna salad, oranges
Supper: Creamy Italian chicken, noodles, baked sweet potatoes

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: PBJ
Supper: tacos

Breakfast: breakfast burritos
Lunch: tacos
Supper: baked potatoes with ground beef, brown gravy and onions, topped with sour cream, green beans

Breakfast:banana nut bread
Lunch: PBJ
Supper:BBQ pork on buns, coleslaw,  baked apples

Breakfast: apple pie oatmeal
Lunch: taco salad or make your own pizzas
Supper: chicken alfredo, salad

Breakfast: pecan waffles, fruit salad
Lunch: leftovers
Supper: tater tot casserole

Breakfast: burritos,
Lunch:chef salads, blackberry cheese pie
Supper:homemade lunchables or leftovers,fruit


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